Newport Beach, California — Historic Dory Fleet Fish Market — Since 1891
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Fresh Seafood is what our market is all about. Seafood is both seasonal and regulated and the Catch of the Day is determined solely by what the sea yields to us.
Stop by my locker for: Rock CrabSpider CrabWhelkOctopusSea UrchinLobster

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Rock [Stone] Crab
Spiny Lobster
Whelk (Sea Snails)
Sheep [Spider] Crab
Nearshore Fish
Spot Prawns
Available all year. Size regulations apply to the taking of rock crab maintaining its status as a highly sustainable product.
Available in early October thru the middle of March.
The Pacific Coast mussels are the largest species on the west coast of North America and range from Baja to Alaska.
Available all year. Sheep crab have a slightly sweeter taste the than Rock crab but have a harder shell to crack.
Nearshore fish may include Sheep Head, Cabazon and Grass Bass.
Considered by many as a favorite over lobster, Spot Prawns are the largest of the shrimp.
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